Monday, May 13, 2013

A trip to the bar

You go to a bar,and the bartender is filling your glass up.

You keep drinking and drinking,till you practically can't see anything.And you're like
"Hey bro,fill me up a last glass"

The bartender is all like,
"No sir,I think you've had enough,you should go home.
  So much drinking isn't safe at this time of the night."

And then some mindless squabble over a last glass of wine which you want,but the bartender insists you that you won't get.

He says, 
"Sir don't you need to go home now? "

When you finally realize,as you tell the bartender that there's no line on on the horizon.
"That the home's gone so far away now."

God,Where is it? WHERE IS IT?

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