Wednesday, August 31, 2011


And as she swam,
on and on,
the hurt searing in her shoulders,
but the hope of going through another day driving her on,
and she ran and ran,
wanting to catch up to the moon,
for it held out the promise of an eternal night,
drops of cool frailty falling from the sky,
as she cried for her,
and she kept going into the dark,
forgetting the past and the regrets,
forever into the dreams,
for they held a hope for eternal flame,
which could shine in the dark,
and she could escape,
from this world,
the darkness,the frailty of death,
seeping into some pit,
forever out of the view,
to come up in another eternity perhaps,
and so,
she falls,
trapped in the moment she can't get out of,
the eternal bliss,
an eternal rain.