Saturday, March 19, 2011

Life's Beauty

The taste of first rain,
dusty old vinyl records,
running whole day long ,

wind striking on the face,
those long waltzes with nature.

Such things make life beautiful,but they needn't actually be there in physical form.You need to have an eye for small things,perhaps a great imagination and you'll find that things have so much beauty!

I have often noticed that thinking about nature always gives me a calm,which I cant really feel otherwise.

Life's awesome!

It's too bad that most of us barely make our way through it without realizing its worth.....
That how good a gift it is.

In the end all that matters is how satisfied you are with your life,and how little you regret it.

For those who regret their past actions,isn't it your past actions only that define you.......then perhaps maybe you regret your very own existence......

I can have no business with those who keep on dwelling on their past,what they could have done,what they did wrong and blah-blah-blah.

Each new day is a new page,in a great book.

its up to you to make it refreshing and delightful to those around.And in the same way its up to u to make it boring enough by dwelling on the past all the time and not moving forward.

Thinking about the past should barely be restricted to remembering it as a happy time,end of an era,providing continuity to the new chapter,and we should always wait for the better pages to come along.

If we think is that our best days are over,then our life will be pitiable and despicable.

The only thing I can say is be happy and be thankful,for you are all gifted in ways you may not know right now,but when the time is right,you will know your gifts.

Use them well.

Au revoir!