Saturday, October 30, 2010

journey of life

i saw the world,when it was young,
i was young then too.
i was but then,an insignificant being,
but something very new.

taking form after form,
from small to large,
i spread all through the world.
from insects to 'mammoth' dinosaurs,
i thrived,i died out but was born back through.

and i thought this cycle will never end,
my incarnations in forms so many but new.
and though pattern repeated and i borned and died,
but countless rich stories
continued to brew.

alas the world is ending now,
this cycle will soon be over.
was it all pointless,my whole existence,
maybe no one will know it ever.

at last i am tired of running,
i'll leave the question of my meaning.
tell me someday,if you do find it,
through persistent gleaning.

but now,i'll close my eyes,
and bid goodbye forever.
maybe we'll meet someday,
and maybe you'll recognize me,
in a form new,maybe never.