Friday, July 22, 2011


I saw a friend,
who met a tragedy,
a travesty of tragedy maybe,i am not sure,
and all I could do was laugh,
a hollow,mirthless laugh.

All I wanted to do was to fly,
a mockingbird to bring joy,
fluttering indefinitely,to swallow the silences,
as I have always done.

Having failed,even now there's no grief,
just an acceptance,
a will to take the fall,to the unending depths of earth,
to run endlessly in a new world.

I look down at the cliff,
maybe,I'll wake up again tomorrow,
or maybe I'll fly away,
spreading my wings,I dive below.

An abyss is swallowing me up as I fall,
to hit the ground far below me,
a travesty of tragedy maybe,I am not sure,
and all I can do is laugh,
a hollow,mirthless laugh.