Sunday, May 29, 2011


Some days you wish,life would go slow,
put a pause to the never running flow,
to the rivers,to the winds,
all standing in the same place,a sudden silence,
even if only for a moment,it would change the world,

Perhaps sky and ground would meet,
united by the rain that would fall suddenly afterwards,
and by the thunder that that would unleash,
passing the energy in the ground,
the exchange of courtesies between two different worlds.

And perhaps the winds would unite all the living beings too,
life force travelling through it,
gushing out from old as it enters the new,
as the roses bloom and as the daffodils wither,
uniting all in a silence.

A cool cold smell fills the air,
in the aftermath of the rain that fell,
as leaves rustle,the children come out again,
playing in the grass,laughing,
a sweet song fills the air.

The search for the paradisia,the heaven,ends,
as it has come into the view,of the people who live here,
they are in a better place now,sadness leaking away,
into the void in space,to go away,
from the time,out of existence.

But there is a difference,hard to comprehend,
the sound is softer,the smell is sweeter,
the wind is cooler to touch,and the sun is a colourful rainbow,
an unnoticed appreciation of all that is around,passes through all,
and we were all finally equal in the end.