Sunday, June 12, 2011


A raging sky,
dancing leaves,
over that tree,
standing tall.

Wondering how,
it came to be,
to end this way,
such a lovely day.

The end is lovely,
no doubt about that,
a day was born with the calm sun,
and will now sleep into the night.

As the sky grows darker,
and the clouds darker still,
children stand in the park,
enjoying the cool breeze.

End of another day,
second by second,minute by minute,
the slow approach to the end of time,
the canvas keeps filling,with colours of life.

When the universe ends,
with the end of time,
will we still be remembered,
as we are now?

Whatever it is,that the future holds,
it holds in the future,not now,
with this thought,and arms open wide,

I walk into the pouring rain.