Wednesday, August 31, 2011


And as she swam,
on and on,
the hurt searing in her shoulders,
but the hope of going through another day driving her on,
and she ran and ran,
wanting to catch up to the moon,
for it held out the promise of an eternal night,
drops of cool frailty falling from the sky,
as she cried for her,
and she kept going into the dark,
forgetting the past and the regrets,
forever into the dreams,
for they held a hope for eternal flame,
which could shine in the dark,
and she could escape,
from this world,
the darkness,the frailty of death,
seeping into some pit,
forever out of the view,
to come up in another eternity perhaps,
and so,
she falls,
trapped in the moment she can't get out of,
the eternal bliss,
an eternal rain.

Friday, July 22, 2011


I saw a friend,
who met a tragedy,
a travesty of tragedy maybe,i am not sure,
and all I could do was laugh,
a hollow,mirthless laugh.

All I wanted to do was to fly,
a mockingbird to bring joy,
fluttering indefinitely,to swallow the silences,
as I have always done.

Having failed,even now there's no grief,
just an acceptance,
a will to take the fall,to the unending depths of earth,
to run endlessly in a new world.

I look down at the cliff,
maybe,I'll wake up again tomorrow,
or maybe I'll fly away,
spreading my wings,I dive below.

An abyss is swallowing me up as I fall,
to hit the ground far below me,
a travesty of tragedy maybe,I am not sure,
and all I can do is laugh,
a hollow,mirthless laugh.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


A raging sky,
dancing leaves,
over that tree,
standing tall.

Wondering how,
it came to be,
to end this way,
such a lovely day.

The end is lovely,
no doubt about that,
a day was born with the calm sun,
and will now sleep into the night.

As the sky grows darker,
and the clouds darker still,
children stand in the park,
enjoying the cool breeze.

End of another day,
second by second,minute by minute,
the slow approach to the end of time,
the canvas keeps filling,with colours of life.

When the universe ends,
with the end of time,
will we still be remembered,
as we are now?

Whatever it is,that the future holds,
it holds in the future,not now,
with this thought,and arms open wide,

I walk into the pouring rain.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Some days you wish,life would go slow,
put a pause to the never running flow,
to the rivers,to the winds,
all standing in the same place,a sudden silence,
even if only for a moment,it would change the world,

Perhaps sky and ground would meet,
united by the rain that would fall suddenly afterwards,
and by the thunder that that would unleash,
passing the energy in the ground,
the exchange of courtesies between two different worlds.

And perhaps the winds would unite all the living beings too,
life force travelling through it,
gushing out from old as it enters the new,
as the roses bloom and as the daffodils wither,
uniting all in a silence.

A cool cold smell fills the air,
in the aftermath of the rain that fell,
as leaves rustle,the children come out again,
playing in the grass,laughing,
a sweet song fills the air.

The search for the paradisia,the heaven,ends,
as it has come into the view,of the people who live here,
they are in a better place now,sadness leaking away,
into the void in space,to go away,
from the time,out of existence.

But there is a difference,hard to comprehend,
the sound is softer,the smell is sweeter,
the wind is cooler to touch,and the sun is a colourful rainbow,
an unnoticed appreciation of all that is around,passes through all,
and we were all finally equal in the end.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Life's Beauty

The taste of first rain,
dusty old vinyl records,
running whole day long ,

wind striking on the face,
those long waltzes with nature.

Such things make life beautiful,but they needn't actually be there in physical form.You need to have an eye for small things,perhaps a great imagination and you'll find that things have so much beauty!

I have often noticed that thinking about nature always gives me a calm,which I cant really feel otherwise.

Life's awesome!

It's too bad that most of us barely make our way through it without realizing its worth.....
That how good a gift it is.

In the end all that matters is how satisfied you are with your life,and how little you regret it.

For those who regret their past actions,isn't it your past actions only that define you.......then perhaps maybe you regret your very own existence......

I can have no business with those who keep on dwelling on their past,what they could have done,what they did wrong and blah-blah-blah.

Each new day is a new page,in a great book.

its up to you to make it refreshing and delightful to those around.And in the same way its up to u to make it boring enough by dwelling on the past all the time and not moving forward.

Thinking about the past should barely be restricted to remembering it as a happy time,end of an era,providing continuity to the new chapter,and we should always wait for the better pages to come along.

If we think is that our best days are over,then our life will be pitiable and despicable.

The only thing I can say is be happy and be thankful,for you are all gifted in ways you may not know right now,but when the time is right,you will know your gifts.

Use them well.

Au revoir!

Monday, February 21, 2011


once we shared some happy moments,
till you had to go.
you are like a dream i once had,
crumbling away slowly from the crevices of my mind.
please dont leave me,please dont go.

i wish i could draw your face,
alas,i dont remember it anymore.
you are like a dream i once had,
fading away into oblivion.

perhaps i should go back to sleep,
maybe i will meet you once more.
u r a pleasant spectre in my mind,
i'll hold on to you forevermore.

you are a dream i once had,
i now finally understand.
my mind has stopped comprehending you anymore,
yet my feelings betray it.
are you a dream or a reality??
i will never know.....

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Growing distances

I was thinking about some of my old friends just sometime ago.

There are a number of people who have become very distant now but were very close at one time.And though I sometimes miss them,I guess it is okay.

I mean,almost everything ends someday.what you can do to make something permanent is to never forget what you once had.

I know it is hard to still think of those once close people that highly even now,but why taint the potrait of our memories with something as loathesome as indifference.

Life is a journey,you meet people everyday.You get close to some people and not with others.Some of those people remain with you for long and others for a short period of time.And yet that short period of time can sometimes outweigh the long lived friendships.

I dont think it is anyone's fault that people grow apart in time.Time can only heal if not increase that distance.And still you wont get that close to them as you once were.Perhaps,some things are irrepairable.Or perhaps not.I dont know the answer to that question.Maybe I never will,so I'll have to hope for a future where everything will be all right,where I'll get to see the metaphorical paradisia,laughter ringing through the trees,all the people you ever knew back to the way you once knew them.

That is,maybe a very far fetched dream,but only by dreaming can we hope for something with some certainty,isnt that right?

"MAYBE",doesnt everything we ever hope for depend on this hope giving word?
Though uncertainty in its core,it still gives us some reassurance,and that can sometimes be everything you'll ever need.